Sasha Storm

Currently an Apprentice EXCLUSIVELY at Dark Desires under the Tutelage of Goddess GypsyMistress and Bitchy BellaDonna.


Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
Body Type: Curvy
Body Size: 36DD-25-36
Weight: 118 lbs
Height: 5' 6"
Race/Ethnicity: Russian / Colombian
1st Language: Spanish
2nd Language: English
3rd Language: Russian
Age: 28
Service: Incalls
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Straight
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: Yes
Grooming: Bald
Tattoos: None
Smoker: No
Available to: Men, Couples
Likes: Generous clients, Good hygiene, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Punctual, Gifts, Good wines
Dislikes: Aggressiveness, Drug users, Personal questions, Cheap clients, Bad manners, Poor hygiene
Specialties Head Mistress, Hairbrush Punishment, Pantyhose, Sissy Training, Pegging, Foot Worship, Spanking, Roleplay
Hard Limits Scat, Blood


  Session Location Comments
$650 USD 90min Incalls DEPOSIT REQUIRED
$750 USD 90min Outcalls DEPOSIT REQUIRED
$800 USD 2hrs Incalls DEPOSIT REQUIRED
$1000 USD 2hrs Outcalls DEPOSIT REQUIRED


Jun 20, 2018
I wish there was a "duo" and "trio" review section! For now I'll review these ladies in their separate profiles... I booked a "tyrannical trio" with Goddess Gypsy in her new Goddess' Temple in Delray Beach. She always asks me to try out her apprentices that she's teaching, so I opted to go with two that she suggested (well, commanded, rather). I usually only do duos, so I was not sure I'd be prepared, but I am devoted to Goddess Gypsy and she said I was ready, so I couldn't refuse her. When I entered her grand temple, which is flawlessly decorated, btw, with Egyptian-style temple furniture (and those thrones, WOW), I immediately saw Sasha Storm and Lady Rose' on either side of my beloved Goddess Gypsy, all three gazing at me, amused. I melted. Goddess G is a buxom, dark haired, curvaceous stunner in her early-to-mid-30's with a formidable intellect and other-worldly beauty. Her perfect golden-porcelain face is the most beautiful I've seen in a long time, with high cheek bones, smooth skin, a perky nose, full lips and a widow's peak. Those eyes of hers, those large, hazel Lebanese cat eyes! Don't look for too long or you're done! Her curves are placed perfectly on her small frame, and her long slender legs always make me swoon. She is Spaniard and Lebanese, and although benevolent, has a real MEAN streak, almost cruel, with a terrible and unpredictable temper, like a lot of Latina Goddesses tend to have! I try to stay on her good side. Lady Rose' is very pretty! Like a doll or the Mona Lisa. She has smooth porcelain skin like Goddess G's but a bit lighter like peaches and cream, long, straight black hair and has a Venus-type body with small A cup breasts and a generous bottom, and long juicy legs. I believe she is Cuban-American. She also has very pretty eyes. She appears to be in her early-to-mid-20's. She is softer in her demeanor but commanding none the less. Sasha Storm is a Russian and Colombian buxom blonde with a heavy accent and a perfect beach body. She must be in her early 30's. She looks like a tan and hot barbie doll, but a mean one. She has a cute button nose and deep stormy eyes and red full lips. Her nails are long and she has gorgeous, slender legs, feet and toes. She should be a foot model. She is very aggressive and pushes boundaries, but I kind of like that. As Goddess G's common protocols summoned me with a point of a perfectly manicured finger, I dropped to my feet and kissed her shiny boots, then kissed the other ladies' stilettos. The three of them matched, wearing shiny black latex dresses and nylons. I love nylons. As I crawled after them upon Goddess G's orders, I watched all three of their beautiful, lickable asses from behind. They turned around and glared at me and I quickly bowed my head. I think they noticed, but feigned ignorance because they were snickering and sneering. I couldn't help myself. They're all so beautiful. Goddess G ordered me to rise and strip. I did. Once stripped naked, I was ordered to serve them champagne and then kneel on the worship pillow. I did. Goddess G told her apprentices that if they want to be true Goddesses and owners of slaves, they have to understand the mind and psychology of a slave. So Goddess G instructed me to confess my darkest sins and fantasies and as I did, the apprentices were wide-eyed and smiling. Goddess G flogged me and ordered me to remain still and count as I received punishment. Then I was ordered to bend over and continue confessing, so I did, and she and her apprentices spanked my ass until it was hot pink. I told them some of my most depraved fantasies and explained what I thought caused most of my perversions, as Goddess G always likes to hear. I was embarrassed, the apprentices were intrigued, and Goddess G was pleased- so much so, that she stuck her gorgeous ass in my face and ordered me to bury it deep inside her exquisite, full cheeks, and then had her stunning apprentices do the same. Next, I was ordered by Goddess G in her silky voice to lay flat on the cold floor on my back. Then I was gagged, collared and cuffed by Goddess G as her apprentices assisted, giggling. Sasha was eager to begin hurting and humiliating me. Goddess G allowed it, of course. I'm just a lowly slave. Sasha took a sharp object of some sort and scraped my nipples as Goddess G viciously grabbed me by the balls and placed a parachute around them. She saw the pain on my face and smiled. She had the apprentices bring her a heavy pair of strappy stilettos and various other weights and hung them from the parachute on my balls. Whoa! It felt like a human was dangling from there! They then placed nipple clamps and weighed those down with Goddess G's purse. I squinted in agony and Goddess G smiled. She then opened her purse to grab some lipstick and told me to stop squirming as she used my shiny metal collar as a mirror. Then Goddess G mind-fucked me and took out this weird object she said was an egg topper, used to cut off the tops of eggs. She squeezed it in front of my eyes and showed me those sharp teeth it had. She then placed it over the head of my pecker!! OMG!! Goddess G then began to squeeze it around my head and kept increasing pressure until I screamed from behind my gag! I freaked out!! I thought Goddess was going to behead me! I swear I saw blood!! But there was no blood. The apprentices laughed hysterically. I was nearly in tears and drooling all over the place, dribbling pre-cum all over the expensive carpet. Goddess G became annoyed at the mess I was making and so she removed my gag and made me lick up every drop of my drool and pre-cum from the pricey tiger skin rug. I was just so happy that egg topper thing was on the opposite side of the room far away from me! With Sasha's evil laughter and Goddess G's coaxing in the background, Rosé straddled my face and placed her knees on my handcuffed arms, looked me right in the eye with her smile evaporating and her voice becoming stern, and ordered me to drink her champagne right from the source! I had no choice, as I was immobilized by her thighs up top, and by Goddess G's waist and ankle stockade down bottom! All the while, the sadistic Sasha took that moment to exploit my predicament and engage in a bit of CBT and anal probing. I almost climaxed as that savage Sasha vibed my ass and scratched my balls while Goddess G looked me in the eye and spit in my mouth in between Lady Rosé pissing down my throat and talking filthy to me. It was all sensory overload! To my disgust at the moment, I did climax, but that wasn't the end, that wasn't the disgusting part that I crave. They each immediately took turns spooning my own cum into my mouth as I struggled and tried to turn away. I was powerless. They didn't stop until I had completely cleaned my cum from my stomach and ingested all of it. Just when I thought it was all over, I was ordered to the bath tub and one by one, Goddess G, Lady Rosé and Sadistic Sasha Storm all pissed all over my face, then Goddess G sat on my face and shit in my mouth. Once finished, the three of them looked me in the eye and told me to swallow it. I did as told and was laughed at and told I'd have their DNA invading me all day. I was humiliated, used, degraded and had the biggest hard on from it all! Thank you to Goddess G for having the hottest friends, yes, but but really just for being You- the best teacher, mentor and ultimate GODDESS. I will never forget this one. Another bucket list item checked off and I'll be back for more.

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